I can do a lot of things


Full stack and mobile developer with over 10 years of experience.


UI/UX designing for websites, web applications, and mobile apps.


Social media marketing, algorithmic ads management, content and viral marketing

monitoring IOT SmartBins on the Changi Airport, Singapore

Made on React Native, deployed for iOS and Android.

A notification and location mapping app to help cleaners identify filled up bins to go and empty them.

Accessible Design for non-techy cleaning department

Indoor map design and layout for 12 different areas.

Tablet first design for mounting on waste collection vehicles

One tap resolve button for map pins to clear bins

Helping people with high drive track and achieve their goals

Happygoals combines goal setting and journalling. Goals give you direction. Journalling cultivates discipline. Direction + discipline transforms your life!

Goal setting, Journaling, Backlog Tracking

Innovating concept to track value instead of routines

Custom UI design for an innovative concept

Managing operations of over 150 moneylenders in Singapore

  • Enterprise Solution for Moneylenders​

    From govt. compliance to borrower communication, a fintech product for streamlining all possible processes of moneylenders.

  • 6+ years of development​

    Long lifecycle with countless iterations and feature development to keep improving value add for every user.

  • Used by 150+ companies​

    Elegant design, robust features, exhaustive approach to needs makes the application a must have for any moneylender.

Visitor Video Conferencing For Real Estate Owners Using Jitsi

To maintain social distancing in the wake of Covid 19, the tablet can be used to greet a visitor on the reception of any real estate property.

Designing an appealing online presence for SmartCity Solutions

A simple yet sophisticated website design for SmartCity Solutions, an IOT company based in Singapore, providing hi-tech solutions to large organizations.

An extremely powerful telegram chatbot for stock traders in india

The first of its kind chatbot providing stock market information to users at light speed. Loved and appreciated by every user!

Landing page design for HappyGoals.app

A sleek and elegant landing page for one of my side projects. Demonstrates the use case and concept of the product in a one-page design.

Microservices architecture & REST API development for your backend

Looking for a backend and API developer for your next project? I have developed several backends with REST APIs to expose functionalities for the front end.

MultiPlayer Card game Mobile app

A full stack turnkey project, the multiplayer poker game was built primarily on NodeJS, MongoDB. The socket work was handled by colyseus.js

Skills & Experience


Over 10 years of experience building web applications.

Languages – PHP, NodeJS

Frameworks – Laravel, CodeIgniter

Test Driven Development - TDD

A big fan of TDD, which helps with not only confident coding, but also serves as documentation and facilitates great teamwork.

PHPUnit and Mocha


Automated builds, testing, and deployments. Managing multiple environments. Making robust pipelines.

Bitbucket Pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes

End-to-end product development

I am always excited about creating stuff. Building apps, websites, or applications to bring ideas to life.

From concept to rollout, from idea to marketing, I have travelled the distance.

TheCodePlayer, MannuBot, HappyGoals

Javascript Frameworks

Have build SPAs, PWAs, and frontends for several applications.

React and Vue

Heavy duty database work

If you are looking for a robust database design, performant queries and low hardware consumption, it’s something right up my alley.

MySQL and MongoDB

CSS Frameworks

Rolling out webpages quickly is important, and that’s where I use powerful CSS frameworks to cut down on implementation time.

Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Very passionate about mobile app development. Have built my own end-to-end products.

React Native and Flutter

Visually appealing UI

Designing is the best part of my work. I strive to make visually appealing websites, apps, web applications.


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